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Restoration of the Queen's Royal College Building



Client: Ministry of Work & Transport - GORTT

The Queen's Royal College Restoration Project is the full restoration of a magnificent 100 year old building, where possible using the original building techniques to ensure its beauty remains for more than another 100 years.

Utilitsing both local and foreign specialists (Evergreen of New York) for the project ensured that the quality and workmanship in the restoration process maintained the highest standards and practices.

Some of the key areas of the work are:

1) Lime render & Lime wash - repairing the existing external facade with the traditional methods of lime render and lime wash.

2) Restoration of the vaulted decorative plaster ceiling in the assembly hall

3) Re-engineering of the existing clock in the tower to bring it back to full working order.

4) Extensive joinery repairs to existing windows and doors and new windows and doors to match the existing where they are beyond repair.

5) New Welsh Slate Roof

Along with these works the services have been completely modernised to bring them up to specification with installation of new electrics, plumbing and air conditioning.

The building itself has been structurally reinforced with Cintec Anchors in the external walls.

While stripping the paint back some original stencil work was found running around the bottom half of the walls in the classrooms. These were not known to have been there and in the true nature of restoration works these are going to be re-worked and brought back to their former glory.

Architect / Engineer of RecordBernard MacKay Architects; Tim Meek Scottish Heritage International
Completed DateFebruary 2010
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