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Completed Projects

Ministry of Education Complex

Modified Design Build Tenant Fit-Out

Emergency Operation Center (Trinidad)

Design & Build Construction of Emergency Operation Centre

Disaster Relief Warehouse (Tobago)

Design & Build Construction of Disaster Relief Warehouse

Victoria Keyes Housing Development Phase # III

Design & Build - Housing Development

Villa Being


Phoenix Park Gas Processors Ltd - New Administration Building


Major Building

Client: Phoenix Park Gas Processors Ltd

Project consists of the construction of a two storey steel framed main building clad with aluminium composite and glass panels / granite. It will have and overall area of 1700m2 on a site of 13900m2. It is situated on Rivulet Rd. Couva.

Works include the construction of the main Administration building including FF&E and the complete infrastructural works for the facility inclusive of Main Electrical Kiosk/ Telephone building, Service Area for Water storage and A/C’s , Sewage treatment plant , Boundary Walls, roadways and car parks.

Architect / Engineer of RecordNLBA
Completed DateSeptember 2014
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