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Completed Projects

Ministry of Education Complex

Modified Design Build Tenant Fit-Out

Emergency Operation Center (Trinidad)

Design & Build Construction of Emergency Operation Centre

Disaster Relief Warehouse (Tobago)

Design & Build Construction of Disaster Relief Warehouse

Victoria Keyes Housing Development Phase # III

Design & Build - Housing Development

Villa Being


Office of the Prime Minister


Major Building

Client: UdeCOTT

This building was originally constructed for the Ministry of Public Administration & Information however at the onset of the outfitting phase its use was changed to the Office of the Prime Minister. The structure comprises a basement for all the mechanical services, car-parking and security facilities, the ground floor level to 2nd floor level for administrative offices and 3rd floor level occupied by the Prime Minister and key staff. The outlook of the building is primarily fair-faced concrete finish and glazed panels with steel framed sunshades. Particularly noticeable is the high degree of architectural concrete finish to the external façade.

Architect / Engineer of RecordACLA Works Limited
Completed DateJanuary 2007
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