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Kee-Chanona Employee of the Year 2016

Mar 1, 2017

Naomi has served Kee-Chanona in different capacities over the years. In 2016 she has been recognized by her peers for her embodiment of Kee-Chanona’s core values and has been named Employee of the Year 2016.

  • Naomi is family oriented, she considers Kee-Chanona her family and does everything in her power to support this family through its successes and disappointments.
  • Naomi is a team player, she is a core member of the Human Resource team supporting them with administrative tasks. She goes above and beyond in the support of other teams within the company assisting with any and everything that she can.
  • Naomi epitomizes integrity and accountability. She often holds herself as the gate-keeper to ensuring that past mistakes are not repeated, managing cost and seeking out ways to minimise cost as far as possible.
  • Naomi’s work speaks to excellence. She functions with autonomy, preparing draft responses to enquires, filing, preparing medical claims for timely submission to the insurers; the repeated requests for her assistance from other departments also speak to the level of satisfaction and excellence her work provides.
  • Naomi is client centric, she treats with both internal and external clients in a professional manner. This has allowed her over the years to build strong relationships that she normally leverages to get things done.
  • Naomi is safety conscious. She can often be seen carefully perusing the work environment for hazardously placed items and removing these to their rightful storage area, ensuring that lights and air-condition units are turned-off each evening and that the HR Department is secured before she leaves for home.




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